Jan 1, 2016
Happy New Year!  Here's a few dates to post to get 2016 started right.  Looking forward to the two St. Louis shows tomorrow and the next day, and a quick CA/ Southwest/Denver tour with Mustard Plug later this month.

Other stuff that's going on.. I have a new solo record that is mastered and done, and it will be called "To The Lions."  Just finishing off artwork, and getting ready to send it out to get pressed.  Will be coming out on a label TBA.. Hope to have vinyl in time for a summer tour.  Yeah!  This is a solo record with a full band that I have been working on for about 4 or 5 years.  Will be glad to finally get this out to the world.

Also, while in St. Louis over the holiday season, I played a couple shows with MU330 in Chicago and Grand Rapids.  In the course of practicing for those shows, I busted out a new song at practice and we worked on an arrangement.  I haven't brought a new song to MU330 practice in maybe a decade or more, so that was kind of unexpected and exciting.  Also unexpected was that while we were in Grand Rapids, in between Mustard Plug's sound check, and our set, we ran across town to Cold War Studios and recorded the beds and trombones for that new song, and now have a brand new tune in the works.  Will we finish it up? Maybe.  Will we write and record more?  Possibly.  Will we ever finish the Monster record we started over a decade ago?  Who knows.  Right now I'm just super stoked to be working on a new material, and I'm excited about the possibility of recording more with those guys and potentially playing as many shows as everyone's schedules will allow.

Also, in December right after Fest and a totally inspiring trip to New Orleans, I went on a Sharkanoid writing tear, and wrote and recorded lots of new demos for our second record.  So, here's hoping that 2016 brings a new solo record, a new Sharkanoid record, AND some new MU330.  A guy can dream, can't he?

Jan 2- St. Louis, MO @ Foam w/ Bagheera and secret special guest
Jan 3- St. Louis, MO @ The Tick Tock Tavern
Jan 22- Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place w/ Mustard Plug and Dan P. and the Bricks
Jan 23- San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside w/ Mustard Plug, Dan P. and the Bricks, and Monkey
Jan 24- Berkeley, CA @Gilman w/ Mustard Plug, Dan P. and the Bricks, Day Labor, and The Imposters
Jan 25- Santa Maria, CA @ O'Sullivan's w/ Mustard Plug
Jan 26- Fullerton, CA @ The Slidebar w/ Mustard Plug
Jan 27- San Diego, CA @ Casbah w/ Mustard Plug and Duping the Public
Jan 28- Phoenix, AZ @ The Yucca Tap Room w/ Mustard Plug, Two Tone Lizard Kings, and Liam and the Ladies
Jan 29- Las Vegas, NV @ Back Stage Bar w/ Mustard Plug
Jan 30- Denver, CO @ The Bluebird Theater w/ Mustard Plug, Sorry Sweetheart, and Shortbus Rejects
Feb 18-27 Australia.. Dates TBA

July 11, 2015

A week from today, my band SHARKANOID will be opening for Andrew Jackson Jihad in NYC. Rick and I will be joined with a friend named John and another friend named Jeff and we will be rocking, full loud band style for 1 night only. This is a special treat for me, as SHARKANOID has not rocked the east coast until now, and to get to open for such a great band is a big honor. Rocking out with buddies is the absolute BEST.

July 18- Brooklyn, NY @ The Knitting Factory w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad

The following Friday, I will be playing at the 2015 Virginia Ska Fest.. a 2 day festival July 24-25 that will feature The Pietasters, The Slackers, The Toasters, Spring Heeled Jack (USA), Chris Murray, Eastern Standard Time, Sammy Kay, The Snails, and Murphy's Kids. Tickets available at
There will be a surprise band backing me up for half my set. Mu330 songs? Most likely.

Then.. I will be on this big tour playing guitar and keys in The Jeff Rosenstock band AND the Dan Andriano Band (AKA "In the Emergency Room") So much rocking to do this summer!

July 28- Otto Bar, Baltimore, MD
July 29- Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
July 30- Boston, MA @Brighton Music Hall
August 1- Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
August 2- Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
August 4- Chicago, IL @ Double Door
August 5- St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird
August 6- Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
August 7- Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
August 8- Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
August 10- Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
August 11- Portland, OR @ Analog
August 13- San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
August 14- Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour
August 15- San Diego, CA @ House Of Blues
August 16- Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge
August 18- Austin, TX @ Red Seven
August 19- Fort Worth, TX @ Lola's
August 21- Nashville, TN @ The End
August 22- Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
August 23- Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
August 24- St. Augustine, FL @ Colonial Quarter

THEN, in September I will be touring with The Bruce Lee Band, lineup as follows:
MIKE PARK(Skankin' Pickle)-Saxophone
JEFF ROSENSTOCK(Bomb the Music Industry)-Bass
LARS NYLANDER(Skankin' Pickle)-Valve Trombone
GERRY LUNDQUIST(Skankin' Pickle)-Trombone
KEVIN HIGUCHI(The Chinkees)-Drums

We will be playing two shows in California:
September 19- San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
September 20- Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place

We will then be heading to Japan to play shows with Kemuri, Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish. I'm guessing that we will be rocking lots of Skankin' Pickle songs, as we will have three of the original members on board. Exciting!

Are you still reading this? Wow! You are a champion. In October I will be touring all over the east coast opening for Streetlight Manifesto. Here are those dates..

October 16- Toronto, ON
October 17- Montreal, QC
October 18- Philadelphia, PA
October 19- New York, NY
October 20- Boston, MA
October 21- Washington, DC
October 23- Norfolk, VA
October 24- Atlanta, GA
October 25- Orlando, FL
October 26- St. Petersburg, FL
October 27- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Streetlight goes on to play two more shows in Sayreville, NJ on the 30th and 31st. I am not on those two shows, as I will be dropping off the tour and playing solo and with SHARKANOID at pre-FEST and FEST in Tampa and Gainesville. Those shows are between the 28th and the 31st. Details to follow once I know the exact dates and locations of the shows.

Whew! Time to go outside for a bit. If I am coming through your town in the next few months, I'd love it if you got in touch and came out and said hello! ..especially my Living room tour people from last year.. Where you at?!?! Whoop whoop!
heart emoticon -dp

February 28, 2015
Yesterday Jeff Rosenstock told me he couldn't find my tour dates ANYWHERE on line.  He was right.  I told him that I like to keep my shows as secret as possible, so when someone does accidently stumble upon one of my shows, they can have it all to themselves, and won't have to share.  If you have found this super hidden message, you have cracked the code and will now know where I will be playing shows in 2015.  Please don't tell anyone how you got here, and whatever you do, don't tell anyone about the shows.  Thanks.

I will also be producing a record for a Grand Rapids band called Sailor Kicks at the end of April.  I love music.  -dp

03.06.15-Santa Cruz, CA @ Moe's Alley w/The English Beat
03.28.15-Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Festival w/Kepi Ghoulie
03.29.15-Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Festival w/Kepi Ghoulie
04.10.15-Modesto, CA @ Hero's Sports Lounge w/Kemuri, Before Twenty, and Mike Park
04.11.15-San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill w/Kemuri, Monkey, and Dan P. and the Bricks
04.12.15-Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place w/ Kemuri and Dan P. and the Bricks
04.17.15-Las Vegas, NV @ Backstage Bar w/Buck-0-9
04.18.15-San Diego, CA @ The Casbah w/Buck-0-9
04.19.15-Fullerton, CA @Slide Bar w/Buck-0-9
05.02.15-Kalamazoo, MI @ Bells Brewery w/Mustard Plug
05.15.15-Montreal, QC @ Pouzza Fest
05.16.15-Montreal, QC @ Pouzza Fest
05.17.15-Chicago, IL @ The Rivera w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.18.15-Lawrence, KS @ The Granada w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.19.15-Denver, CO @ The Ogden Theater w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.20.15-Salt Lake City, UT @ The Murray Theater w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.21.15-Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont Country Club w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.22.15-Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee Theater w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.23.15-West Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.24.15-San Diego, CA @ House Of Blues w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.25.15-Anaheim, CA @ House Of Blues w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.26.15-San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.27.15-Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.28.15-Seattle, WA @ Showbox w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.29.15-Victoria, BC @ Distrikt w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.30.15-Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
05.31.15-Spokane, WA @ Knitting Factory w/Streetlight Manifesto and Sycamore Smith
07.24.15-Fredericksburg, VA @ Blue and Grey Brewery and Brew Pub w/The Poetasters, Spring Heeled Jack, The Snails and Murphy's Kids

November 29, 2014

Here's some upcoming shows I'm playing the end of this year with my buddies Mustard Plug and Voodoo Glow Skulls.. Oh yeah!

12.04.14-St. Louis MO @ Off Broadway w/ Mustard Plug
12.05.14-Kansas City MO @ Davey's Uptown Rambler's Club w/ Mustard Plug
12.06.14-Englewood CO @ The Gothic Theater w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.07.14-Colorado Springs CO @ Rawkus w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.08.14-Albuquerque NM @ The Launchpad w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.09.14-Oklahoma City OK @ The Farmer's Market w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.10.14-Dallas TX @ Three Links w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.11.14-Austin TX @ Flamingo Cantina w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.12.14-San Antonio @ Korova w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.13.14-Houston TX @ Fitzgerald's w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls and Mustard Plug
12.14.14-New Orleans LA @ Siberia w/ Mustard Plug
12.19.14-Grand Rapids MI @ The Pyramid Scheme w/ SHARKANOID and The Lippies

In between the New Orleans and Grand Rapids shows, I'll be at Cold War Studios in Grand Rapids mixing down a brand new solo record, and recording a new Sharkanoid EP. Lots of cool stuff brewing and lots of new releases on the way for 2015.

So if you've been able to read this far, you win a prize. You can click the link below and actually download the new Sharkanoid record (That just came out in October) for free. You can donate at the link below if you'd like, or just get the mp3s for free.. OR you could pay $9 and mail-order the CD.. or again, you could just click the link below and get the mp3s for free. Yep. Free! Have a great summer! -Dan P.…/sharkanoid-great-summer/


July 21st, 2014

The living room tour has been amazingly fun so far.  So many great people and fun shows and amazing BBQs!  Here is an updated list of the final run of shows.  Thanks to all the hosts that made this the most memorable summer EVER!  Rock on.


Dan P. Living Room Tour 2014

July 26th-Santa Cruz, CA @ The Crepe Place
FREE SHOW! Starts at 5 in the back garden

July 27th-Paradise, CA

July 28th-Yakima, WA

July 29th-Seattle, WA

July 30th- Portland, OR
PUBLIC SHOW 1st-Tustin, CA

July 31st- Sacramento, CA
Public Show

August 1st- Tustin, CA
Please e-mail if you would like to attend

August 2nd- Palm Springs, CA

August 3rd-Pasadena, CA

August 4th- Los Angeles, CA

August 5th-San Juan Capistrano, CA
Details TBA

August 6th- Norco, CA

August 7th-Las Vegas, NV

August 8th-Scottsdale, AZ

 August 9th-Albuquerque, NM
PUBLIC SHOW- Please contact the host first

August 10th-Denver, CO

August 11th-Westminster, CO

August 12th- Ft. Collins, CO
Details TBA

August 13th-Salt Lake City, UT

August 14th-Salt Lake City, UT

August 23th- San Francisco, CA

April 1st, 2014
This summer I will be heading touring all over the United States and Canada on my first ever living room tour.  I'm bypassing venues and clubs and headed straight to the intimate setting of your living room.   The dates below are confirmed.  I am still in the middle of booking this, so there are gaps that I am still hoping to fill.  If you are interested in hosting a solo show at your house, please email me at:

I would love to come play music at your house and do cannonballs in your swimming pool.  California and other western states, I will be heading your way in late July and August. Oh Yeah! Can you find the humming bird in this picture?!?!?

weezy lion

Dan P. Living Room Tour 2014 - 1st Leg

June 2nd- Blairstown, NJ
June 3rd-
June 4th-Massapequa, NY
June 5th- Providence, RI
June 6th- Sandy Hook, CT
June 7th- Balston Lake, NY
June 8th- Burlington, VT
June 9th- Montreal, QC
June 10th- Montreal, QC
June 11th-
June 12th- Alma, QC
June 13th- Montreal, QC
June 14th-Toronto, ON
June 15th-
June 16th-
June 17th- Cleveland, OH
June 18th- Pittsburgh, PA
June 19th- Detroit, MI
June 20th-
June 21st- Wyondotte, MI
June 22nd- Ferndale, MI
June 23rd- Indianapolis
June 24th - Urbana, IL
June 25th- Chicago, IL
June 26th- Lansing, MI
June 27th- Elkhorn, WI
June 28th- Sheboygan, WI
June 29th- Oshkosh, WI
June 30th- Lacross, WI
July 1st- Springfield, IL
July 2nd- Topeka, KS
July 3rd-
July 4th- St. Louis, MO
July 5th- Hot Springs, AR
July 6th-
July 7th- Austin, TX
July 8th-
July 9th-
July 10th-
July 11th- Plantation, FL
July 12th- Orlando, FL
July 13th- Fortson, GA
July 14th- Atlanta, GA
July 15th- Apex, NC
July 16th- Fredericksburg, VA
July 17th- Baltimore, MD
July 18th- Chester, NJ
July 19th- Woodbridge, NJ
July 20th- New Paltz, NY
July 21st- Sandy Hook, CT

August 5th, 2013
Streetlight Manifesto Tour
Much good news to report.. the first being that I'm headed out on tour again with Streetlight Manifest this fall.  Mike Park and I will be the two openers on their final tour.. Just two solo guys and Streetlight.  I'm really honored to be going out with them again, and I'm psyched to once again be touring with Mike.  Mike and I will be traveling together in a little car.. no roadies, just the two of us.  Drive drive drive! Fun fun fun!  Check out the tourdates.. Are we rolling through your city?  Come hang out!
Streetlight tour

Local Show at the Crepe Place
I'm also playing solo at the Crepe Place  on Saturday August 17th with the Hot Toddies and Sea Knight. Should be a solid good night of hometown fun, and maybe the last solo show in Santa Cruz till next year. Here is a link to the event page.

East Coast Solo Shows!
Also, I've picked up a couple east coast solo shows before my tour starts with Streetlight and Mike.  The first one is on Saturday September 28 at the Timeline Arcade in Hanover, PA with  The Sick Tight Nasty Nasty and a whole bunch of other bands.  Here is a link to the event page.

The other show is TBA but will hopefully be in Rhode Island on the 29th.

Recording Project Progress Report

I'm working on so many records simultaneously right now, it's become slightly ridiculous.  The one that will probably be finished the soonest is a record I recorded with Mustard Plug's bass player, Rick Johnson. (Better know for his work as "The Rick Johnson Rock N' Roll Machine") It's a full length album of songs written by the two of us.  We looked at old yearbook pictures and wrote songs based on the photos.  Rick tracked the drums at Cold War Studios  in Grand Rapids, and we tracked the Bass, guitars and vocals at a top secret studio in Los Angeles.  So far, the album is turning out to be a little more rock n' roll than I had expected.  Definitely tougher sounding than my solo stuff, and maybe not as punk as MU330?  I don't know.  Don't expect any ska on this one.. ska songs are currently being funneled towards the new Bricks album.  Anyway, some organ and keyboard tracks are still being added to thicken things up, but man we are really close.

New Solo Record 1
I am VERY close to being finished with the tracking of a solo album I started a couple years ago with my drummer buddy Matt Bennet from the band The Bloody Hollies.  I've just some background vocals to wrap up, along with some organ tracks, and then it will be ready to be mixed.  This will be the first full band solo album I've put out since Sweets and Meats.  The arrangements on this one are way thicker and more full though.. lots of acoustic and electric and lap steel guitars, as well as organ and piano and harmonica.   There will be a wide range of stuff on this one, from full on rockers to some of the most ballad based stuff I've realeased so far.  My wife shannon will be singing harmonies on a good handfull of these songs, and in the end, this one will kind of sound like a Stitch Up Record, I think, but a little more carefully and subtly recorded.

New Solo Record 2
I am borrowing a Tascam 8 track 1/2 inch tape machine from a friend.  I did some tape machine repairs and got it up and running.  I recorded one tune on it to test it out, and I'm super excited about how it sounds.  It's just acoustic guitars, and some vocals with harmonies and a little percussion.  I've written about 8 songs that will sound nice with minimal arranging, and I think will sound really warm and rich on the analog format.  The rule/guideline for this record will be 8 tracks or less, all analog. I'm hoping to get a couple more of these tunes recorded before I split for tour in September, but most likely this will be the album I dive into when I get home from tour in late November.  I'm hoping that by getting away from recording with my computer, it will simplify the process a bit and add some sponteneity and warmth to the end result.

New Bricks Record
The Bricks currently have about 10 new songs since we released "Watch Where You Walk" so we are getting close to picking a studio and laying down basic tracks.  Just need to get a few more tunes hammered out and we will be ready.  We've started demo-ing stuff, and I'm psyched on the direction, which is pretty much the same direction as the first album: All ska, lots of horns, lots of keys, and lots of sing-alongs.  A.J. from Slow Gherkin will be contributing writing a couple songs to this record, which I'm super excited about as well/

Dan P. Kid's Record
I had recorded about six tunes for this one, and hadn't back them up, and I fried my hard drive. :( This really took some wind out of my sails on this album.  I've certainly learned my lesson about backing things up, but I haven't started re-recording stuff for this yet.  Mike Park has been encouraging me to finish this one up.  I am sure I will hear a lot about it as we drive together for an average of 8 hours a day for six weeks chasing Streetlight Manifesto.

And The Monster Record
For anyone still paying attention to this crazy rant of things i intend to do.. we are still making slow progress on a new MU330 record.  Sloooooooow progress.

April 11th, 2013
It's festival time!

April 13-Dan P. solo @ New Orleans Block Party

April 27- Dan P. and the Bricks-Santa Cruz Mountains (Outside of Boulder Creek)- Do It Ourselves Festival. Camp out in the redwoods with the Bricks and loads of other bands!

May 17- Montreal, Pouzza Fest.. MU330 returns to Canada!

June 1- New York City, Irving Plaza.. Apple Stomp- MU330 returns to the east coast!

Dan P. Pics, Music, Videos and updates can be found here- Dan Potthast on Musio

November 28th, 2012
A six week solo tour with Reel Big Fish and The Pilfers is confirmed for Jan 5 through Feb 15th.  OH YEAH!  Super psyched.  Confirmed dates are posted HERE, with more to come.  And..

Since Facebook stinks for trying to figure out what a band is up to, I've set up a profile at The Dan P. profile has loads of content.. pictures, video, tourdates, etc.. but the best thing about it, is that Musio was created by some friends in Santa Cruz. Yeah!

Another cool thing about it is I can update several social network sites from one interface (musio) and keep more people up to date with my boomin' winter tour schedule. This will theoretically lead to less time on the computer and more time playing music, writing songs, touring, and being a sane person. Fingers crossed!

In short, if you want updates on what I'm up to touring or recording wise, you can now follow me on tumblr or twitter, and if you are interested in seeing some videos or hearing some songs you might not have heard, you can check out the profile at

November 19th, 2012
BIG tour announcement in the next day or so.  If you live in the United States, there's a good chance I'll be playing solo in or near your village or town or city this winter.  Super psyched to get back to everywhere!

November 1st, 2012
Coming up fast.. this December I will be going on tour in the sunny state of Florida!  It's been too long, you south of the southers!  Cant't wait to see old friends and make some new ones.   Check out this awesome tour poster my buddy Gilbert made.  I owe him a few alligator skulls, for sure.. and maybe some Gatorade.

Dan P. FL tour!

July 17th, 2012
Big Stitch Up show this Friday at the Crepe Place.. with an all new lineup and all new sound!  Matt Knobbe makes his debut on stand up bass, and Shannon Toombs swithces over to guitar, with Dan P. on acoustic guitar.  Greggy B. is still holding it down on drums.  Should make for a super fun night with a Sacramento Crepe Place invasion featuring Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, and Pets!

July 20th- The Stitch Up @ The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA with Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party and Pets

August 5th- Dan P. solo @ Dana St, Roasting Company in Mountainview, CA

August 10th- Dan P. solo @ 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA SKA NIGHT w/ Black Square (Hawaii), P.J. Franco and the Burnouts (Alaska), Skunkadelics, and Dope Collective

August 26th- Dan P. solo @ the Catalyst Atrium w/ Bomb the Music Industry

Oct. 6th- Dan P. and the Bricks @ The Aromas Grange Hall in Aromas w/ Skinny Ricky and the Casual Encounters

May 4th, 2012
Tonight I hook up with the Pentimento Campfire tour in San Francisco at the Swedish American music hall.  I'll be on tour with Toh Kay (Tomas from Streetlight Manifesto) and Sycamore Smith for the next few days.  Two shows in LA at the Bootleg theater, then down to San Diego for the last show of the tour at the Soda Bar.  Stoked!!!  See you at the shows.
May 3rd, 2012
Big thank you's to everyone that came out and supported the Save the Waves benefit in Santa Cruz last weekend, AND, everyone who came out to Viva Ska Vegas on Saturday to support.  Crazt that some people drove over 19 hours all the way from Boulder, Colorado to see the show.  Awesomeness.  It was a super fun weekend and would not have been possible if not for the kind people that came out to support.

Here's a list of upcoming shows to check out as well..  Did I mention I'm going to Australia?  Yeah!  Did I mention the Bricks are playing in Felton?  Yeah!!!

May 4- Dan P. solo @ The Swedish American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA w/ Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 5- Dan P. solo @ The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA w/ Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 6- Dan P. solo @ The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA w/ Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 8- Dan P. solo @ Soda Bar in San Diego, CA w/Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 25-Dan P. solo @ The Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT w/ Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

May 26 -Dan P. solo @ Webster Hall in NYC w/ Arrogant Sons of Bitches and Shinobu

May 27- Dan P. solo @ The Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY w/ Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

June 2- Dan P. and the Bricks @ Roaring Camp Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, CA (Bricks set time is 1:30 in the afternoon!)

June 6- Dan P. solo @ the Rosemont Hotel in Perth, Australia

June 8- Dan P. solo @ Enigma Bar in Adelaide, Australia

June 9- Dan P. solo @ Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne, Australia

June 10- Dan P. solo @ Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Australia

June 12- Dan P. solo @ Yours and Owls in Wollongong, Australia

June 14- Dan P. solo @ Side Bar Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle, Australia
Dan P. in Australia!!!Redwood Bricks!

March 13th, 2012
Here's a schedule of my upcoming rock n roll adventures in three flavors.. Solo, Bricks, and MU330.  Oh yeah!

 April 14-Dan P. and the Bricks @ Gilman in Berkeley, CA w/Nino Zombie, Jokes 4 Feelings, Los Difuntos, and My Last Line

April 27- Dan P. and the Bricks @ The Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz, CA- Benefit for Save the Waves

April 28- MU330 @ Henderson Events Plaza in Las Vegas, NV w/ The Skatelites, The Aqua Bats, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Remedies, My Superhero, Tuesday After School, Monkey, Go Go 13 and La Banda Skalavera

May 4- Dan P. solo @ The Swedish American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA w/ Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 6- Dan P. solo @ The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA w/ Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 8- Dan P. solo @ Soda Bar in San Diego, CA w/Toh Kay and Sycamore Smith

May 25-Dan P. solo @ The Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT w/ Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

May 26 -Dan P. solo @ Webster Hall in NYC w/ Arrogant Sons of Bitches and Shinobu

May 27- Dan P. solo @ The Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY w/ Arrogant Sons Of Bitches

June 2- Dan P. and the Bricks @ Roaring Camp Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, CA

Jan 13th, 2012
Here's three shows I've got coming up.  Psyched to be playing with Jesse Michaels, and super pumped about the Bricks' CD release show coming up on the 21st at Kuumbwa.  I know the show is close to selling out, so if you're planning on being there, get on it!  The third show is not until April, but thought I'd throw it up now.. It's not too often these days that MU330 plays shows, much less in Las Vegas.  Oh yeah!

Bricks release showDan P. @ CatalystMUVegas2012

Sept 25th, 2011
This coming Sunday,  I'm doing a 60 mile bike ride with some of my best friends and band mates to help raise money for the Santa Cruz AIDS Project, an amazing organization that serves men, women and children who are HIV positive living in Santa Cruz County. They do some really great work right here in my home town.  It's a cause that I can easily get behind, as I've seen first hand the positive changes they make happen.

Check out my band's team page below, and please consider donating.  Our team is attempting to raise 1000 dollars.  Don't be shy, go ahead and click on that link!
To the people on this list that are broke as a joke.. please don't feel any pressure to donate.  Just show up at San Lorenzo Park in Santa Cruz on October 2nd with a bike and a helmet.  Let's ride!  The more the better.

Thanks for your time, and to everyone who has generously donated already.  It is humbling and refreshing to be involved in an event that truly brings out the best in people and the community.


-Dan P.
Finish Line Festival

July 15th, 2011
Here's a poster for a show I'm playing at Gilman St. next weekend.  Whoo hoo!  Looks like I'm on 8th.  I will be drinking lots of coffee, and should be crazy jittery by showtime.  Here's a few more shows I've got coming up.

Sat July 23rd- Dan P. solo @ Gilman St. in Berkeley
Tues August 16th -Dan P. solo opening for Bomb the Music Industry @ Homestead Lanes in San Jose
Wed August 17th- Dan P. solo opening for Bomb the Music Industry @ the Catalyst Atrium


June 29th, 2011
This poster just in for this weekend!
Kepi in San Jose

June 28th, 2011
A few fun things to mention in this post..

The big one is that Asian Man Records will be releasing the very first album from my new 10 piece band Dan P. and the Bricks, called Watch Where You Walk.  I'm super psyched that Mike is putting this out for us.  The recording is all finished, and we're wrapping up the artwork and mastering right now, so we're hoping to have CD's and Vinyl in our hands by the end of the summer.  We recorded it down in LA at Tomas' (Streetlight Manifesto) studio, and Chris Murray produced it.  I'm super happy with how the tunes came out, and can't wait to unleash them into the world.  The album is 12 songs, with a few songs that we re-worked off Eat The Planet, and the rest are songs that were written specifically for the Bricks.

Another fun thing to mention is that I'm hosting my first ever variety show at the Crepe Place on July 9th.  I'll be playing some new music written specifically for the show, with a house band featuring members of the Bricks, the Stitch Up, and the Huxtables.  I'll have (you guessed it) a VARIETY of acts coming up to perform.. comedians, musicians, storytellers, dancing, and a couple surprises.  It should be a fun, laid back night at the Crepe place, and it's going to be a benefit as well.  Good times.

Also, here's a few upcoming shows to mention:
Sat July 2nd- Dan P. solo @ Homestead Lanes in San Jose opening for Kepi Ghoulie!
Sat July 9th- The Dan P. and Friends Crepe Place Variety Show @ the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz
Sat July 23rd- Dan P. solo @ Gilman St. in Berkeley
Tues August 16th -Dan P. solo opening for Bomb the Music Industry @ Homestead Lanes in San Jose
Wed August 17th- Dan P. solo opening for Bomb the Music Industry @ the Catalyst Atrium

And one more awesome thing I need to mention is that I will be performing at an undisclosed Powerchord Academy location, both solo and with the Bricks.  I'm not allowed to mention the date or the place yet, but here's the link to the most amazing rock n' roll summer camp around!
That's all for now..  -dp

variety show!
February 22nd, 2011
Here is a flyer I painted for an upcoming Stitch Up show at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, opening for the Smoking Popes.  The Smoking Popes are one of my most favorite bands ever in the world.  It's pretty crazy that they are playing such a tiny place.  I'm psyched to be on the bill.  This show will sell out for sure.  If you would like to go to the show, get your tickets now through or save a few bucks and walk into the Crepe place when they are not super busy and buy them in person.
Smoking Popes at Crepe Place
Also, Dan P. and the Bricks will be rocking this Friday in Berkeley at Ashkenaz, opening for the Uptones.  Should be a barn burner!  Pick IT UP!!!
Uptones @ Ashkenaz
January 21st, 2011
If you live in CA you should seriously consider coming to this show.  It will be really fun.  If you don't have fun, I will give you your money back.   After that, you're on your own.  

Also.. The Bricks just got added to a show on Feb 25th in Berkeley.  Details to follow soon.  Rock!

Crepe Place Jan 29th 2011
January 14th, 2011
So here's a couple flyers for upcoming shows in northern CA.  In case you hadn't noticed, both flyers have lots of checkers on them.  I love that.  Also, check out a more complete list of upcoming shows. 2011 is kicking off with some really good ones!  Oh yeah.
Moe's Alley ShowSka Parade
December 24th, 2010

Happy hollidays! What a great 2010.  Two new releases, a massive summer tour with Streetlight Manifesto, loads of great Bricks shows around the bay area, and a great trip this fall to Australia as well.

Lots of good things are on the way in 2011.  My 10 piece ska band, Dan P. and the Bricks is picking up steam, and looking to record a full length this winter.  Lots of great solo shows and Bricks shows are already booked to kick off the new year as well.  

Two more things I'm super psyched about for the coming year.. The Stitch Up opening up for the SMOKING POPES in Santa Cruz @ the Crepe Place, and a couple MU330 shows in northern CA.  As Gerry Lundquist would say, "Oh yeah, brother!"

November 17th, 2010

A big thank you goes out to Luke at Chop Dog and all that helped out on the Australia tour.  It was a blast. Bigger and better shows and super fun. I got to go on two ska-harbour cruises, and see Chris Murray, and play each night with the Real Deal and loads of awesome Australian Bands.  Good times.

Two big announcements to make with this post..

1. My newest album, "Around the World" is now available online for the first time.  It was previously only available at shows. Click here to pick it up.

2. My split with Tomas Kalnoky from Streetlight Manifesto is now out and available.. and it freakin ROCKS!  I'm super psyched about this album.  It was an honor that Tomas asked me to do this split with him, and I was a bit intimidated with the idea of covering Streetlight songs.  Not only are the complex with lots of changes and tricky parts, but the songs are so near and dear to the hearts of Streetlight fans, that I dare not screw them up, or half ass it.  I put a lot of work into these tunes, and I can only hope that it comes through.  The stuff that Tomas did with my tunes is amazing.  Check out the video!  WOW.

you by me ATW
You By Me- Toh Kay/ Dan P. Split Dan P. newest release available now!

October 6th, 2010

I'm gearing up for a return solo trip to Australia at the end of this month.  I'm psyched to be headed back down under!  In the meantime, things are good here in Santa Cruz.  I just played a really great show last weekend with Dan P. and the Bricks in San Lorenzo park.  It was an all day outdoor festival that was part of the Surf City A.I.D.S. ride, which benefits the Santa Cruz A.I.D.S. Project.  The Bricks rode the 12 mile route, and then rocked out in the afternoon.  The whole event was really inspiring.  It was incredible to see so many people from such different backgrounds come together to volunteer and use such diverse talents for a common cause.  Definitely my favorite day of the year.. so far!

Bricks duck pond

August 30th, 2010

OK,it's about time I announced my upcoming Australian tour, happening this October/November. I'm super psyched to be going back for the 3rd Ska Nation festival in a row.  This tour I'll be rocking out with Canada rockers, The Real Deal.  I'll have my new album, Around The World with me this time, which includes several songs about towns in Australia.. Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Geelong.  One of the shows is a ska cruise on a boat!  How could that not be fun?  Check here for tourdates.  

August 29th, 2010

Bigfoot Show Poster

I Just played a show with The Stitch Up last night in Santa Cruz at The Crepe Place with Kepi Ghoulie, The Groggs and The Snow Buddies.  Super fun! And we raised a bunch of money for the local Bigfoot museum.  Thanks to everyone that came out and made the show awesome.  

June 14th, 2010

New show just added:  August 4th at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.  I'm playing solo opening up fo Bomb the Music Industry and Shinobu.  Pretty psyched to add a hometown CD release show for "Around The World" that will wrap up a full six weeks of touring.  That's enough links for one sentence, thank you.

June 14th, 2010

There's a two song sneak peak of my new album "Around The World" up on the myspace. Check it out.

Can't believe I leave for tour in less than a week!  Just tying up loose ends here in santa cruz.   Some good news to report.. On Sunday July 11th, the Streetlight Manifesto tour comes through San Francisco and rocks Slims.  Instead of playing solo like I will be on the rest of the tour, I'll be backed up by 9 of my best friends.  Oh yeah! The Bricks will be blowing up Slims for the first time.  Psyched.

In an attempt to be more present and in the now, I'm not bringing a computer on this tour.  For anyone interested in getting updates about how the road is going, I'll be trying to make tour diary updates occasionally the old fashioned way.. on my myspace page.  The hope is that I will not be so distracted by a glowing screen and I'll do more reading and writing and creating and maybe see and smell some of the country along the way.  See you on the road!

In addition to just releasing my new solo album "Dan P. Around The World",  I've got another album coming out in just a couple months that I can't really talk about.. and no it's not a new MU330 record, but I just listened to the masters, and I have to admit it ROCKS.  Details to follow soon.
E Town


June 3rd, 2010

SMELL THE GLOVE IS HERE!!!   Just got back from picking up my new record, Dan P. - Around the World.  I'm excited to hold a copy in my hand, but I've now got a bunch of boxes crowding up my apartment.  I'm excited to go on tour and get rid of some so we have room to sit at our table.   Big thanks to Lance and Rick for their hard work helping me finish things up.  For now, you can check out the  Super extended liner notes and lyrics.  CD's for the first couple months will only be available at shows or if you track me down on the street.  Check out the massive upcoming tour here.

I'm excited to be adding a few CA dates immediately after the Streetlight Manifesto tour at the top of August.  I'll be playing with Bomb the Music Industry Aug 1st in San Francisco at the Bottom of the Hill.  The next day, Aug. 2nd I'll be rocking the nickel city arcade in San Jose with Bomb the Music Industry and Classics of Love (Jesse Michaels from Op Ivy)  It's not totally confirmed yet, but the San Jose lineup might happen again the next day in Santa Cruz.  What a fun way to wrap up a tour.  OK, that's it for now.  Back to sniffing the freshly printed ink on my new records.

May 26th, 2010

Just waiting now for Around the World" to be finished being manufactured.  Super excited to have a new album out for the upcoming tour.  Just working on some new t-hirt designs, and I'm almost set to hit the road.  Super extended liner notes and lyrics for the new album are available to check out now.  Eventually, I will be posting free bonus tracks on this site as well.

In the meantime, if you live in Santa Cruz or the bay area, I'll be playing with Dan P. and the Bricks this Saturday on the back of a vintage fire engine in the Felton Memorial Day Parade!  We will be rocking a full generator and P.A., and are going to attempt to play a few parade appropriate covers.  Later in the afternoon, a stripped down Bricks will be playing at Monty's Log Cabin, and then later that night, we'll be rocking the Crepe Place with Monkey and Keyser Soze.  Psyched to play three shows in one day.  
ice paddle

May 19th, 2010

Dan P. Around The World The new solo album is going to get dropped off at the printer tomorrow. Oh yeah!  It's officially called "Dan P. - Around The World, and I'm putting the first 1000 out myself.  It's got 20 songs on it and they're all songs that I've written on tour about the city I was in at the time.  I'll have  a full, huge digital liner notes section up on this site by the time it comes out, with lyrics and explanations of all the songs.  

For the next few months, they will only be available on tour at shows.  After the summer tour I will put it up for mail order, and then up on itunes.  Speaking of the summer tour, I'm going on tour for 6 weeks starting in late June opening up for Streetlight Manifesto.  It will be a full U.S. run, with bits of Canada thrown in for spice.  See you on the road, and around the world.

Also that Mad Caddies show might never have happened, but never fear..the Bricks will be rocking the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz on the 29th of May with Monkey and Keyser Soze.  

April 26th, 2010

Just added a Dan P. and the Bricks show in San Jose at the Blank Club opening up for The Mad Caddies.  I've been super busy lately recording my next solo album, which I'm hoping to have finished and out by the end of June, when I will be heading out on tour. Check back in the next week for a sampler.  -dp

April 8th, 2010

Check out some upcoming shows in May. Big 6 week U.S. tour planned for this summer.  Details and dates TBA soon.

July 23rd, 2008

Brand new tour dates in Australia, Japan, and the U.K.!!!

February, 27th, 2008

Streetlight Manifesto is taking me out on tour again in a month.   This time solo. Who is that guy with just an acoustic guitar at the rock show?  Tons of tourdates have just been posted. I'll have a new version of Eat the Planet with me.. pretty much the same album as I released last year.. only I reworked a lot of the drum machine stuff so it's not quite as annoying.. and the artwork is much improved.  Also, I'll have the new Stitch Up albums with me, and a couple different t-shirt designs. Let's hope my little toyota van can keep up with Streetlight's RV!  I will be playing MU330 songs, Stitch Up songs, songs off my 3 solo albums, and whatever else I can get away with before I start getting pelted with checkered converse.  Just kidding. I haven't seen too many Streetlight fans wearing checkered converse.. but I wear a size 10 1/2 in case you get the urge.

October 2nd, 2007

I've got a brand new band called "The Stitch Up."  Whoo hoo!  I've been hard at work the last few months recording and working on artwork and in general trying to get things together, and I'm pretty psyched about this new project.  We have a new album called "Attitude Adjuster" coming out on Pentimento Music.. SOON.  No release date yet, but this winter is a sure bet.  PLUS, The Stitch Up is going out on a huge US tour with Streetlight Manifesto and the Suburban Legends starting on Nov 6th.  This page will be sleepy for a while.  I'm going to be putting my energy into for the next few months.  I've got some new videos, music, and pictures posted on that site, so go snoop around.   See you on tour! -dp

July 24th, 2007

A couple new tourdates have been added in Austin, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV. Oh yeah!

July 17th, 2007

So the four day run of the play (Johnny Applefucker) that I was playing guitar in is now history.  I can't believe it's over. We had a packed house four nights in a row, which is pretty exciting, plus I got to work with some really sweet and talented people.  Good fun!    Check out this hot review!

July 6th, 2007

Here's what I'm up to in NYC for the next week or so..

I'll be playing solo at this show tomorrow..

Corn Mo w/ Jerm Pollet and Dan Potthast
July, 7 2007 at Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston at Attorney, NYC, New York
Cost : $5
7pm start

Also, I'm playing guitar in a play in Soho that my buddy Jerm wrote called Johnny Applefucker. It should be really funny. Here's a link.

It's playing on the 11th, 12th, and 13th. My buddy James Rickman from The Rinse/ Slow Gherkin is also playing in the band for the play. He's playing drums, and I believe will be dressed up like a deer. I will be dressed up like a bear.

May 24th, 2007

Check out the new stuff I've got up on the Dan Potthast store..  You can now buy the new demo Album "Eat the Planet" and a new t-shirt design and some buttons and stickers by using paypal.  Also,There is a NEW DAN POTTHAST VIDEO on youtube for the song "Eat the Planet" off of the "Eat The Planet" demo that was released earlier this year.

May 22nd, 2007

So I've spent the last two weekends driving back and forth from Santa Cruz to LA, rehearsing to record a new solo album next month.  I go into the studio June 20th and will have a full band backing me up.  Here's a rundown of the lineup so far. My friend Matt Bennet is playing drums. We met last summer at the Power Chord Academy in San Diego.  He plays in a band called the Bloody Hollies.  Another buddy that I met at band camp has been working hard w/ me on harmonies and a bit of arranging, Mr. James Webb from the Webb Brothers.  James recruited his brother Cornelius to play bass.  We had a couple great rehearsals last weekend, and worked out about 7 songs.  It looks like I might be headed back down around the 11th for another rehearsal session, and then it's into the studio.  After getting home and listening to the rehearsal demos, I really feel great about the songs on this album.  It's exciting to see it coming together, and feels good to play with a brand new group of people.  It's good to mix it up every once in a while.

May 11th, 2007

Right now I'm down in LA rehearsing with my friend James Webb for a new solo album that I'm recording next month with Tomas from Streetlight Manifesto. (Does anyone know what's up with the Risc Group?) This will be all different songs from the Eat The Planet Demo, and we be considerably more Hi-Fi. The songs I'm using for this one are all my non-ska stuff that I've been writing since Sweets and Meats. James is a master of harmony, so look out. There's going to be a lot of sweet singin' going down on this record. After a day of rehearsing, I'm starting to see things coming together and am getting excited to get going on recording.

I'm still planning on re-recording Eat The Planet as well, with a full band in a nice studio. I've got a handful of new ska songs to add to the Eat the Planet stuff that is screaming to be recorded with a really good band. I'm hoping to do that later this summer.

Also, In September, MU330 will be playing a string of shows in the mid west with old pals Mustard Plug.. joining them for their CD release extravaganza. I know we'll be in Chicago (Metro), Detroit, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, and St. Louis.  

May 11th, 2007

There is a NEW DAN POTTHAST VIDEO on youtube for the song "Eat the Planet" off of the "Eat The Planet" demo that was released earlier this year.  Check it out.  I get to use three of my favorite super powers in the video.. flying, shopping, and eating.
April 27th, 2007
Thanks to my buddy Rick Johnson, you can now order my new CD "Eat The Planet" online using Paypal.  Wow.  Hi-tek. Just click here, sucka..

April 26th, 2007

Tour is winding down.  Just a few more dates left. Check out the TOUR DATES

And.. Here's a couple links for an online UK interview I did.  

Also, next month, (May) I head to LA to record a brand new solo album which should be coming out sometime this summer.  This will be all new stuff.. totally different from the Eat the Planet songs.  Eat the Planet=ska..   New Album=not so much ska.  I'm still planning on trying to re-record Eat The Planet with a full band if I can work that in this summer.

Speaking of.. you can order Eat The Planet by e-mailing me @ It's $5 plus whatever you can afford for postage, and I'll throw in some stickers and a button.  I should have a paypay account up and going by the end of the week, but for now, you've got to just e-mail me and I'll let you know where to send the check.

Also, I'll be playing a few select dates in Texas during the first week of June. On June 2nd, I'll be opening up for a Gal's Panic reunion show at Emo's in Austin TX.  I'm trying to fill in  a few dates in that neighborhood, so if you're in that area and want to set up a show, drop me a line at

AND: as always you can check out how this tour's been going by clicking TOUR DIARY

April 17th, 2007

OK, Now I'm actually out on tour w/ Rick and the tour is rocking.  Check out this link to see pics from the show in New Jersey. Also, new TOUR DIARY stuff is up too.  We're at the Trocodero in Philly tonight.  Oh yeah!  Should be a good one.
March 8th, 2007
New Mid-west/ East coast TOUR DATES are up.  I'm heading out on tour again with The Rick Johnson Rock N' Roll Machine!
Feb 19th, 2007
New UK TOUR DIARY is up.
Feb 15th, 2007
So far so good.  I'm in the Dallas Fort Worth airport, on my way to England.  I'll try to post tour updates in my TOUR DIARY.   If I don't have time to post them there, they should be up on my MYSPACE PAGE blog.  See you on the road.  
Feb 12th, 2007
Just got home from work in Santa Cruz.  I've been working construction for the past few weeks with my friends Matt and Jim.  So tired! I'm psyched to get back on the road on Thursday, and a little nervous too.  I've got lots of stuff to get done before I leave. So the dates are all finally in, and here they are below in case you're too lazy to click on the blue "TOUR DATES" link. You should still  click on the link just to see an amazing picture of me on my last solo tour in Scotland!

16 Bristol- Croft
17 Derby- Victoria Inn
18 London- Underworld
19 Southampton- Joiners
20 Sheffield- Uni- Raynor Lounge
21 Newcastle- Telegraph
22 Kingston- Peel
23 Day off
24 Brighton- Engine Rooms
25 Secret show. I can't tell you yet where I'm playing yet.

Also, I'll be looking for places to stay after the shows on the 16th through the 22nd, so if you've got a floor or a couch that you wouldn't mind letting me crash on for a night, I could absolutely hook you up w/ 1 sticker, 1 badge, and a night full of calming snoring.  See you on the road!  -dp
Jan 25th, 2007
OK, the UK double album on Gravity Dip is here.  I haven't seen it yet, but word on the street is that the artwork turned out really well.  Can't wait to get my hands on one.  I'm headed to the UK next month for 10 days.  Check out the tourdates.    See you on the road.
Jan 11th, 2007
Happy New Year, suckas!  If you're reading this, I finally figured out how to update my page on my computer.  That is my first major victory of the new year.. with many more to come.  Here's a list of some big things happening for me lately.

1) I'm going on a solo tour in the UK next month.. Feb to be exact.  The tour goes from Feb 15th through the 24th. Some shows I'm really looking forward to include playing in London with the band Monkey, and in Brighton w/ the Epoxies.  Check out the tourdates! Venues and more dates coming soon.

16th Bristol - Croft
17th Derby
18th London
19th Southampton
20th Sheffield
21st Newcastle
22nd Kingston
23rd TBA
24th Brighton
25th TBA

2) Also this Feb- The UK label "Gravity Dip" will be releasing a Dan P. double album called, "Sweets, Meats, and Eyeballs."
It will have both my Asianman Records releases on it, plus a couple unreleased tracks from the demo "Eat the Planet"which is not available in the UK.

3) In April, I will be going on tour w/ my buddy Rick Johnson in the US and Canada.  Tourdates TBA, but I can say that I'll be covering some uncharted solo territory.  All places that I've been with MU330, but have never had the opportunity to get back to with myself.. such as the EAST COAST and CANADA.  I'm super stoked.

4) As of right now, the Dan P. demo "Eat the Planet" is available mailorder only!  It's $5 plus whatever you can afford to throw in for shipping.  It's 11 ska songs that I wrote and recorded by locking myself in a room for 8 hours a day for two weeks.  It also includes three Spitzer songs, (The rock band that I play with in Santa Cruz, CA) and four more bonus Dan P. solo songs.  How do you order it, because it's such a crazy good deal?  e-mail me at:

5) I've also been busy recording and writing songs with my band, MU330.  We now have almost 16 songs about Monsters.  This album is going to be insane.  The newest ones include a great one that Ted wrote about the BLOB.  Nothing can stop the blob!  We also wrote a brand new one called "Bat Attack" over the Christmas break.

6) I'm getting married!  In November I got engaged to my best buddy in the whole world.  She is truely amazing and I feel like a very lucky duck.

Big thank you's to everyone who helped me out on tour in 06', especially Andy from Fancy Pants (WELCOME TO APACHE JUNCTION!!) and Chris, Sarah and Jose in Florida.  Also, thanks to the Creepy Crawl and Steve Smith at the Royale for killer shows in St. louis over Christmas.  
Dec 12th, 2006
I'm on tour right now in Arizona.. On my way to Florida, and then on to St. Louis.  Check out the tour diary for updates.  Also.. MU330 has a song in the new holiday blockbuster smash hit movie, "Unaccompanied Minors!"  I just checked it out last Friday on opening night.  Funny to hear our song set to the Big Screen.
I've started using a new html editor that I don't completely understand yet.. so this site is going to look goofy for a while.  Check out this funky box that this paragraph is in.. don't know how to fix it.  Whoops.  Anyway, I'll have some new tour diary entries up soon.  Until then, you can read them on my myspace page or my livejournal.
 -Dan p.

Aug 6th, 2006

I'm going to try something I've never done before. For the next five days, I'm going to work for 8 hours a day! Writing.. that is. I'm going to dedicate this whole week to writing my next solo album. First thing in the morning I'm going to go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of food so I don't have to leave the house during the day for a week. Then, I'm going to get a bunch of guitar strings, and lock myself in the practice room and start writing. I'm hoping to have my entire next album written by next weekend. The thought is kind of scary. Deadlines! I've never tried to force songs out, and I've never attempted to be "diciplined" about my writing. They've always just came out when they were ready, but I feel like to get over this hump (I haven't released an album in... well it's been a long, long time!) and get something together, I need to try a new approach. 12 songs by Sunday! yikes. The goal is to have a new solo album out by Christmas. You can chart my progress/ failure on my myspace page.

November 29th , 2005

Four big solo shows coming up next month in FL! Oh Yeah. I'm excited to go back on tour with old-school ska buddies Skiff Dank. Should be super fun. Lately I've been working more on recording Spitzer stuff, writing some for my surf/ska project that I'm working on with Matt and AJ from Slow Gherkin/ Huxtables, and still writing more stuff for the new MU330 album. It's looking like I'll be doing LOTS of recording in '96.. Hopefully some of it will be recorded in LA w/ Tomas from Streetlight Manifesto.. Still working out the details. Also, it looks like MU330 might be headed to Alaska in April! Super psyched about that. It will be our first time up there. Just two more states to go, and we've got all 50 states covered. Can anyone guess which two we haven't ever played in?

AND.. the Plea For Peace Bicycle tour was an absolute blast. I met some great people, had an amazing ride, and we raised over $50,000 bucks. Pretty cool. Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the teen center. We couldn't have done the ride w/o you.

12/15/05-Orlando,FL-Will's Pub w/Skif Dank,Madd Agents,The Sweet Kings doors:6pm $6 all ages
12/16/05-Jacksonville,FL-Thee Imperial w/Skif Dank,Madd Agents,Good Fortune,Dead Man's Flag 6:30pm $6 all ages
12/17/05-Gainseville,FL-Eddie C's w/Skif Dank,Madd Agents,One And Done 10pm $6 all ages
12/18/05-Tampa,FL-Pegasus Lounge w/Skif Dank,Madd Agents,CIO,Is It Safe?,Safety 6pm $5 for 21+ $7 for all others all ages

August 27th , 2005

Lots of things going on lately.. For one, the back-up band that I've been playing with lately (Shannon-bass, Greg-drums) has morphed from a back-up band into a power trio deserving of it's own name, and that name is "SPITZER." We've played two shows as Spitzer so far in Santa Cruz, (one at the Attic and another the night before last at the Poet and Patriot) and they both have gone really well.

It feels like we've picked up a little momentum lately, and have been working on some home recording stuff and have a Myspace site up now, with a brand new unreleased song posted. Oh yeah! The new song is called "Stuck in the Middle." We'll have two more posted soon. "Beginning to See" and "Set Your Alarm" is on the way.

The big news though, is that in a week and a half, I start on the PLEA FOR PEACE BIKE TOUR.

Mike Park, Matt Embry (Rx Bandits), myself, and about ten other people are riding our bicycles from Seattle to San Diego, and are playing shows along the way. The purpose of the trip is to raise money for a teen center in San Jose. That's the brief rundown on that. If you're intersted in reading more... the letter I sent out is below. The Plea For Peace Web site has more detailed info about the tour and where we'll be playing and camping. I'll be trying to update the page as I go, but I'm not sure how much online access I'm going to have since we'll be pedaling for 6-8 hours a day and then camping every night. I want to keep posting though, because I know the trip is going to be incredible. Anyway, here's the letter I sent out to people. There is still time to get donations in before the ride starts. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

This is Dan Potthast from the band MU330. This fall, I'm doing something completely ridiculous. On Sept. 9th I'll start pedaling my bike south from Seattle, and won't stop until I get to San Diego. Well, actually I'll be stopping quite a few times for food and water... and to play shows. It's the Plea for Peace Bicycle Tour 2005!
Basically, it’s a charity fund raising tour to open up an all ages teen center in San Jose. For more information on the cause, you can check out <>
I’ve been training for the last few months, and it’s going pretty well. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about it though. I think we’re going to try and average around 75 miles a day. I’ve never done anything this physically demanding in my life! Gerry from MU330 will be driving Mike Park’s van along the route with all our gear, and we’ll be camping all the way down the coast to try and save money so more will go towards the teen center.
We are desperately in need of donations to help make the ride a success. The financial responsibility for getting a bicycle and all the gear together for this tour has rested completely on my own shoulders, and because the 5 1/2 week tour is an attempt to raise money for the charity, that basically means 5 1/2 weeks with no income. Any donations you could spare would help us greatly help us greatly along the way, and in turn, help the dream of this teen center to become a reality.
As I look through my address book, I can see that most of the people I’m contacting are fellow musicians who are just as broke as I am. For everyone who can’t afford a donation.. Please just take this e-mail as a “hey, here’s what I’m doing this fall” kind of thing. Please imagine that I didn’t just hit you up for $$$.
For anyone willing to make a contribution, there is a donation form attached. These contributions will go directly to the Plea for Peace Foundation and will go towards the teen center. Another option would be to send a check made out to “Dan Potthast” to 145 Franklin Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. These donations would go directly towards fixing my early 80’s model road bike that I bought for 5 bucks at a rummage sale. It’s going to take a lot of duct tape to get her to San Diego.
One last thing to consider.. The ride is about 1400 miles long, so if you were to sponsor me at a rate of half a cent per mile.. That would be a 7 dollar donation!
Any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at
Thanks for your time. -Dan P.

July 18th, 2005

Three big shows this weekend. The Dan P. Trio is hitting the road.

On Friday we'll be in Lake Havasu at Klub Kayos, Rock N' Roll dive bar, 3185 Maricopa Blvd. in Lake Havasu city. Frank from Voodoo Glowskulls owns the bar, so it will be cool to hang out and catch up on what's been going on in Voodoo-world since the Ska is Dead Tour.

Sat. Las Vegas! Looking forward to rocking out w/ the Las Vegas crew. Should be good times, and very HOT!

On Sunday we're playing a private party in LA... but if you are in the area and want to come, call this number 310 985-5881 and someone will give you the super-secret directions!

Also, the big news is that this fall, I'm riding my bike from Seattle to San Diego. Yep. The whole way on a bicycle, and I'm playing shows along the way w/ Mike Park to try and raise money for a new teen center in San Jose. It's the Plea For Peace bicycle tour. Check it out at

So far this summer, I've been riding at least 100 miles a week, and I'm trying to build that up to where the ride this fall won't be so brutal. The thing is, I've been riding on a bike that my girlfriend got for $5 at a rummage sale. So far it's been ok, and I've logged some pretty long rides on it.. (SF to Santa Cruz, San Jose to Santa Cruz) but I need to get a new seat as well as new handle bars, and the pedals need to be replaced. New parts are so expensive, that I'm thinking I should just get a new bike, but I just don't have the money, especially when 5 1/2 weeks of riding and playing shows on a fund raising tour means 5 1/2 weeks with no income. If anyone out there has a road bike, parts or funds that they could donate.. please e-mail me at

If you want to find out more about the teen center that we're raising money for check out this link:

January 26th, 2005

I'm on an airplane right now headed to St. Louis to start the big Ska is Dead II Tour with MU330, Voodoo Glowskulls and Streetlight Manifesto. I'm psyched to be going back on the road.

Big thanks to everybody who came out to the Gilman show. What a blast. Here's a couple shots of the crowd from the stage right before we played. Can you find yourself in the crowd? I see Mike Park! I see Brendan Thompson! I see Andre Minor! Is that Colossal?

January 11th, 2005

I've got two solo shows in CA in Jan. before I fly to St. Louis on the 26th to meet up with the rest of MU330 for the Ska is Dead II tour.

The first one is on Sat. the 15th at iMusicast in Oakland. This was a last minute added date, so Greg won't be playing drums with me. We might be playing as a two piece (me and Shannon) but I'm not sure yet. I'll have the lineup for this show posted soon.

The other solo show is with Mike Park and Colossal and Short Round at Gilman on Sat. the 22nd. Please come out! This should be a great one.

Update on the toe.. I had surgery in Oct. and they put not two, but three metal wires through the bone in my big toe. They're out now, and after about two months of crutches and swelling, I'm able to hobble around a little bit. I'm not sure if I'll be skipping rope anytime soon, but at least I'lkl be able to stand up for the upcoming shows. We played in Chicago at the Metro on Dec. 23rd, and I had to sit down the entire set in front of 1200 people. Weird.

November 2004

On Halloween I had a bass amp fall on my foot and crush my big toe. I go in for surgery at noon today. The doctor told me I might have two metal wires sticking out of my big toe for about four weeks. Oh yeah! Anyway, I've got a handfull of shows added, but they're all really cool ones. MU330 is playing at the Metro in Chicago withe the Blue Meanies on December 23rd, and I'll be back at the Metro on the 28th playing solo opening up for Mustard Plug. I'll be with the Mighty Plug for the next two days too. The 29th we're in Milwaukee, and the 30th in the Plug's hometown, Grand Rapids. On Jan. 22nd I'll be playing at Gilman St. in Berkeley with Mike Park, Short Round, and Colossal. Keep checking back for tour updates. Pretty soon we're going to be able to post a really big MU330 tour in Feb/March.